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Hello Dominick

Excellent videos on YouTube.   Moreover, I encountered an issue where the temp of in my sitting room was scorching hot. From a prior issue  two years back I knew I had to check my zone valve.  When check I notice the lever on my first zone valve had no resistance.   I had the same zone valve changed at least 2 years ago.  My question to you is what causes this issue and is it a task I can manage on my own?

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Felipe 4 years 2 Answers 697 views

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  1. I appreciate the prompt response and the insight.

  2. Changing a zone valve is really not a big deal. Just basic copper stuff. However I would be sure that when thermostat for that zone is turned off, make sure that it is not getting power 24 volts.

    I could be wired incorrectly and that’s why extreme heat, burning out and has no resistance.

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