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I am remodeling my bathroom and it was a complete tear out from walls to floor. I’ve had all the plumbing re-done (the house is 150 years old) and did not relocate any of them, just replaced them, although, there was a 28×60 cast iron tub in it originally, but I had the plumber move the drain over so I could get a wider tub in there.

My question are this:  If I purchased a drop in tub that is 36×60,  is that the inner dimensions or the outer dimensions?  The space I’m working with is only 36×60 as there is a wall on 3 sides.  What is the difference between alcoves and drop-ins?

I’m ready to have the tub put in and I’m not sure which one I should be getting.

Thank you!!

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Joy July 6, 2016 1 Answer 503 views 0

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    Yes those are the outside dimensions.

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