boiler relief valve seeping off


My boiler is blowing off excess pressure. Not a lot, maybe a gallon in 24 hours or less.

I have replaced the pressure regulator (12 lb) last year,  the relief valve (30 lb) this month and the extrol tank E60 (12 lb) this month.  I’ve even turned off the valve up stream (one day ago) of the regulator and it still is blowing off.  I’m pretty handy but this has me stumped.  The pressure/temp gauge I think is shot so I will replace that next to get a true picture of what’s happening.

Next step in trouble shooting?

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Kevin 4 years 1 Answer 656 views

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  1. Yeah you’re going to need to replace that gauge. We need to know the temp and pressure from there. Temp should not go over 190 and the pressure should between 15 – 19 psi.



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