Drilling a hold into a shower tile


I am about to install a Ginger shower basket onto a shower tile wall. Drilling the hole and attaching this is straight forward but the question I have is this. Considering I am drilling two holds into a shower wall that will get wet, should I add some type of silicone to the hole when I install the plug just for extra protection to keep water out of the walls or is that overkill. Nothing on the directions suggest this. If you have an opinion, it would be greatly appreciated.

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, Bob Oliver 3 years 2 Answers 474 views

Answers ( 2 )

  1. Yes of course. Funny how the directions don’t say that. But yes by all means do that.

  2. I sure would, even if it is overkill. Lots of times manufacturers don’t list the extras that can be done due to liability. ┬áThat way their products stands on it’s own with no warranties due to a person’s install.

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