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Hello Dominic – I think I have watched most of your video’s and enjoyed very much, thank you.  So much so, that we are remodeling our kitchen and while I was in the attic, I missed stepping on the rafter and hit the ceiling causing a crack (picture).   How do I fix this?

And secondly, how do I match the pattern in the ceiling ?  What is that, some kind of sponging technic w/ watered down mud?

Appreciate and advice you can share.




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    That stinks needless to say. Ok, well by the picture it seems that you just pushed the joints away from each other. So in that case you should be able to just re-screw the boards back up tight. Give that a try.

    As far as the existing texture that’s going to be a challenge. Either you can try to remove all of it and start over. But first see if you can re-screw it and do minimal patch and re-paint.