EV charger subpanel needed?


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i just got an electric car and wanted to install a 50amp circuit beaker to be attached to my nema14-50 outlet. however, when i open the panel… i dont have any more space. 🙁

Do I need to install a subpanel? if so, I had following questions.
After watching your video about installing subpanel, there are some areas that I need clarifications.
1) If you are maxed out on space…you cant install another breaker. How do you add a subpanel breaker if you don’t have space?
2) I need 50amp. What AMP breaker should the subpanel be?
3) The main panel main line is at 125amp. do I need to upgrade that? If so, how do I upgrade main amp breaker? is it easy as just switching to a higher amp breaker?

Thank you for all your videos. Love your videos!~


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    It’s not always answering these questions when I’m not there. Just so you know.

    First off when you don’t have the room in the main panel to add a breaker for a sub-panel you would relocate a few breakers from the main panel to the sub-panel.

    As far as what breaker that depends a lot on how far and so forth. However if you need 50 amps you would normally use the same breaker in the main panel.

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