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My electric range was originally hardwired through a junction box. It was disconnected recently when we were flooded here in Baton Rouge.

The range has dried out and I want to reconnect it. (I was not the person who disconnected  it.)

The wiring from the range is one red, one white and one black wire all of which are insulated. The 4the wire is bare copper.

The wiring in the junction box is two big black insulated wires and one large bare aluminum wire.

Questions: (1) Since the insulated wires from the junction box are the same color (black) am I safe to assume it does not matter which black wire to connect to the red or black wires from the stove?

Question (2) Does the white insulated wire from the stove connect to the large aluminum wire from the junction box, and if so where does the bare copper wire from the stove go? Help!




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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.


    Yes if wired correctly the black and red are the hots.

    And yes on the aluminum wire. But make sure by using a voltage tester or following it back to the breaker panel that it is the natural. The box should be metal and grounded and in that case you would secure the ground to the box it self.