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I need to raise a header on an exterior wall.  Roof rafters run perpendicular to wall.  Problem is those rafters are 16 foot high, part of a vaulted ceiling.  I’m guessing the wall I’m working on has a double top plate which would be supporting second floor joists.  So the question is, how do I temporarily support a load bearing wall, where is no first floor ceiling and the second floor rafters are up there 16 feet.  Or, since the header that needs replacing is only four feet long, can I continue without supporting the wall for the few minutes the header will be out.  Long question, but perplexing.  Thanks  in advance.

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  1. Four feet is not a big deal. Most of the time. You would really need to be the judge of that. But that’s how I do it, most of the time. Remove what you need to. But always have a stud cut and ready to shove in there if needed or while you get things ready. Also, have the jack studs for the header ready to go.

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