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Thank you in advance for you help. I wish I could attach a photo.

I have a house single story (big basement) house built about 1955. It has good bones. Seems very solid. Oak floors I have discovered but the living room has an odd type of finish.

It is not drywall, but rather looks like something you would see in a modular home. The panels on the wall are slightly rough, unlike drywall and have seams with what seems like a vinyl or plastic separator between each panel. I have no idea why they put this in the house. I was going to try to remove the separators between the panels, but i think that is what holds them together. And even if I could and then drywall or fill the cracks, it would not be the same texture as the paneling. To replace them is more than I want to take on, but if I just paint over them, the 4 foot separators will still show. This is is a wierd one … Being on a budget, I don’t know if there are some thin covers to put over the entire walls or what.

Much appreciated!!! Will I get an email response or note that something is posted? 🙂

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  1. Very true. Removing it would most likely damage it. And then there’s no going back.

  2. I assume it is standard 16 on center like the rest of the house … i hate to destroy or damage it. Painting it be only end up polishing a turd.

  3. Seems like the cheap paneling used in mobile homes. But of course, it’s there for a reason. I wonder what it looks like under it. Have you tried to remove it? As far as fixing what you have is very hard.

  4. not verifying that photo is posting ….

  5. Here it is .. grained vinyl type surface, strips connecting … nice house, bad/cheap wall … I wonder, on a budget, if just painting it a nice solid will improve it or if the strips will still stand out as odd. 🙂 Thanks

  6. A picture would really help here. But you can attach a picture right here. Let me know if you don’t see it, ok.

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