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Even though I am a 73 year old woman, I am pretty fit. I think I can do this with a few questions answered. I have a chicken run that is 4 ft wide and 12 feet long. I have been keeping plastic on the top of it but it starts leaking and leaves and debris lays on it and it it is just a mess. How much higher in the front would I have to have the corrugated roofing. I guess that is called the pitch isn’t it? If you could just tell me like in feet or inches and I’ll get a board cut to that specification and then I will run down toward the back. Are the ripples supposed to be vertical or can they be horizontal? If I can put them in horizontally it will cost me less money. And what kind of screws should I use and do I caulk in between them? I have looked at a lot of videos on YouTube that show people putting these type of roofs up but they don’t give any particulars so I just thought I would see if you could help me

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    Take a look at the pictures, they should help. As far as pitch, it’s up to you. Most of the time you would try for something like a 4/12 roof. Every four inches it goes up or down 4 inches.

    And you would install them up to down. Overlapping the seems by about 6″


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