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I am adding a porch roof to the front of my house. It will extend past the existing roof edge 8 ft and run the entire length of my house (approx. 53′). I am planning to place the posts 81″ on center. Currently I have a concrete slab in front of my house that is 4″ deep and extends 10 ft from the front of the house. Will this be sufficient to support the weight or do I need to cut out the concrete and dig down below the frost line like I would do for a deck? Thank you in advance.


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Nicole Chalberg 3 years 1 Answer 621 views 0

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    Hi Nicole. Yes you will need to dig a footing for each post. But this will also depend on your local code and where you’re located. I would ask your building inspector, I’ve seen some say that’s good enough. So it’s worth looking into.

    Besides the 4″ pad you may also have a stone base under that. So one really knows. But to answer your question quickly it would yes, you need to have a footing.

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