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Sir thanks for all your videos those are really helpful, i have a problem with my well system i replaced everything  ( well pump, well tank, pressure switch ) but i can’t make the pressure past 40 psi. Any ideas why ? Thanks again

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  1. That seems strange. And you adjusted the pressure witch as well?

  2. Morning sir, yes I followed step by step but still not luck, Again everything it’s new, from pump to tank. The thing is if I install 20-40 psi switch or 30-50 or 40-60 I only got the lower pressure 20, 30 or 40 . I called a company but they want $500 just to show up. I tried all of them. The pump said on the box performance at 40 psi. 10 gpm. Thanks you again.

  3. Did you follow my instructions in my make more water pressure video? https://www.askmediy.com/low-water-pressure/

  4. Performance at 40 psi


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