What type and size ground wire will I need?


I am running 1/0 THHN stranded copper wire to a sub panel for my hot and neutral wires. What is the smallest wire I can use for the ground wire between the main panel and sub panel? and it can be bare copper wire, correct? Just looking to reduce cost for the wire and conduit. Secondly, when figuring in number of wires per conduit is that total or does the ground not count? like if it says three 1/0 for 1 1/4 conduit can I put three 1/0 wires and a #6 ground wire for instance or is it limited to the three 1/0 wires? if it is limited to the three 1/0 wires would the ground have to be run in the same conduit as the 1/0 wires or could it be in its own conduit or outside the conduit altogether? I have leftover 3/4 conduit laying around I could use. Thank you in advance!!

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    You’ll need # 4 grounding wire. Use insulated wire as well. Look at the chart I have included.


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