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I would like to completely remove a window from our home.   I don’t want it replaced.   How do I repair the exterior portion with the existing siding I have?   We are not residing the house.

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Kendra budacki 3 years 4 Answers 563 views 0

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  1. What you’ll want to do is remove all the siding in the area and install new in a staggard action bottom to top.  watch this

  2. I found a picture of our siding.  We want to remove the top middle window

  3. We have vinyl siding.   I don’t have a picture to show you.  I am worried about how the exterior will look.  I don’t want it to look like a patched up area where a window was

  4. You’ll need to frame the existing opening, insulate it, install plywood on the outside of course. As far as the siding I need to know what type of siding you have now. Send a picture if you can. Upload it right here.

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