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How to clean a Paint Roller

Way back in 1998 I was remodeling two bathrooms in the middle of nowhere with a paint supply place even further away. So it was important that I clean the rollers very well. The only place to clean them was ...

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Olympic Rescue It Resurfacer

Let me first start off with saying I had the honor of making four how to videos for Olympic. Using the Olympic Rescue It Resurfacer in a prep matters videos series. Not ...

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How to Wall Mount Your TV

A wall mounted TV adds a certain amount of sophistication to any room.  The only issue is finding a way to hide those unsightly power cords. However, it’s a cinch once you know how.  Use this simple guide to get ...

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How to Restain Kitchen Cabinets It's time to do something about your kitchen cabinets. They may be grimy, worn, or just dull looking. You want to do something to bring them back to life, but you don't want to replace them. ...

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How To Tape Sheetrock By Color Day 2

Now that we are done with the tape it's time to apply the second coat of joint compound. It's really easy. Sure it's time to get really good at it, but just follow my simple instructions and you'll be a ...

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How to Tape Sheetrock by Color Day One

How to tape Sheetrock Taping is something one hand most of us will try it once and, on the other hand, most won't. If you understand the basics you'll be on your way in no time. If you've ever tried covering a ...

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